The You-tility

For us, value is not just a word. Below is our ever-growing list of benefits we're offering to our members.

Make a difference

This is the heart and soul of Open Minds. 100% of all profits from the initial sale of Season 1, The Entrepreneur, go to Freedom United to fight modern slavery.

33% of all royalties from subsequent sales (from all seasons) will go to our community fund (we call it "Open Fund") that supports charities and mission-driven organisations. Our community (you!) will select the charities we support every few months and all donations will be publicly announced on our website.

Although each season will be structured differently, all seasons will support a meaningful cause that makes a difference in the world.

Co-create with us

Every member (NFT holder) will be involved in the design and creative direction of the upcoming seasons. We have top artists and art directors on board, but we believe the best designs come when creative minds from all backgrounds collaborate.

Our co-creation process is completely inclusive. You'll be able to participate even if you're not a designer or artist.

Create your own Open Mind

We have something truly special for all the creative minds out there. Every NFT holder will have access to the source file of their unique, hand-crafted Open Mind and will have the opportunity to design their own version.

All Open Mind "clones" will be displayed on our website. Every three months, our favourite design will win a prize, in the form of ETH. Because, as we've already said, value is not just a word.

Open Minds Club

All members have access to our members-only portal full of perks, freebies and discounts for industry-related events, platforms and tools. The format of how these are distributed will vary, so please keep an eye on our social channels and Discord.

Mind in the Spotlight

We want to see what you're building and share it with the world. Every month we will put the spotlight on one of our members and give visibility to their project, sharing it with our community of over 70,000 people in the form of social posts, podcasts, articles and newsletters. To be selected, you will need to contact us on Discord or through OMS Club.

For Holders of Season 1, The Entrepreneur

As our very first supporters, we'd like to say a huge thank you by offering you a spot on our whitelist/allowlist for our next season. All 77 of you will receive a guaranteed NFT from Season 2.

... and more

It is a journey. And this is just the beginning. It’s our utmost priority and commitment to keep growing this list, so Open Minds becomes one of the most thriving communities in the web3 space. All utility updates will published on this page and posted on our social media channels.